Propane Tips For Making the Most of This Spring

April 6, 2022 – , ,

Ah, spring is in the air…finally, the winter chill has thawed, and we’re ready to spend time outside grilling, hopping in the pool, and sitting in the sun with a good book.

(Or your iPhone. We don’t judge.)

But if you don’t have your propane safety down, you could run into problems that cramp your style and ruin that whole outdoor zen thing you had going on.

Luckily, it’s super simple to maintain your propane appliances’ safety and keep them running that way!

Use these tips to keep your mind on more important things, like the birds chirping and flowers popping up.

Clear the area around your propane tank

When it’s time for spring cleaning in the yard, make sure there’s a clear perimeter around your tank. Since spring storms are very much a thing, keep in mind anything in the yard that could damage your tank if whipped around in a storm, and move it away from your propane tank.

Clean your propane grill

Giving your outdoor grill a seasonal deep cleaning keeps it running its best and prevents safety issues. Residue on your grill grates can cause food to stick to them, potentially creating flares or even grease fires.

With over 25% of grill fires attributed to improper cleaning, it’s worth taking the time to do!

Luckily, it’s reasonably quick and easy. Make sure your grill is off when you start, and remove the grill grates and place them in a basin with warm, soapy water.

While they’re soaking, use a rag to carefully sweep debris from the grill’s interior and clean other grill parts like heat shields with a degreaser formulated for grills, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Then, return to your soaking grills and scrub them with the appropriate grill brush for their material (wire brushes are perfect for metal grates, and softer nylon bristles are recommended for porcelain and stainless steel grates) and allow them to dry completely.

Place them back into the grill, and there you go. Your grill is clean, safe, and ready for whatever tasty meals you can dream up.

Check your patio heater

Propane patio heaters not only distribute cozy warmth to you outside — but they sometimes look like cozy spots to build a nest for birds!

Before you turn your heater on for the first time this season, check all open areas to make sure birds haven’t made a home there.

If you see a nest, follow these tips to safely remove it.

And to have some fun after that cleaning:

Open up the pool

It’s time to dive in! Get the swimming pool opened up and enjoy your backyard like never before. With a propane-heated in-ground or above-ground pool, you don’t have to rely on the weather for the perfect pool water temperature. Even if it’s a little chilly or you want to take a swim in the early morning or late at night, you can turn on the heat and take a dip.

Call a professional propane service to give your propane pool heater a thorough cleaning and start it up for the season.

Paraco offers Early Bird pricing to people who sign up with us before Labor Day, so take advantage to get the best price on your propane!

And inside:

Check your detectors

Change the batteries and test your safety devices, like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. It will give you peace of mind to know that any potential problem, gas leak or otherwise, will be caught — and help you avoid that tell-tale low battery “ding” in the middle of the night.

Clean Your clothing dryer

Like all dryers, your propane clothes dryer needs a little love from time to work its best. Clean your exhaust fan with a dryer brush and reap benefits like shortened dry time (propane dryers are already quicker than electric dryers, but why not give them a little nudge?), lower energy bills, and reduced risk of lint fires.

Schedule a heating system tune-up

Now is the time to make sure your propane heating system is ready for next year — not when it’s too late, and you’re stuck in the cold! Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

Be storm-ready with a propane generator

Spring and summer storms are notorious for their ability to knock the electricity out, leaving homes without power for potentially days.
But a propane generator will get you back up and running in no time (and save the food in the fridge!)

We highly recommend having a propane-powered generator to get you through any possible outages.

If you need help with your propane supply, get in touch. Paraco is reliable, friendly, and ready to help you have your best spring yet.

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