Propane & the Growing Interest in Off-Grid Living

February 14, 2020 –

Propane & the Growing Interest in Off-Grid Living

When you hear the term “living off the grid,” you may think of the use of alternative energy sources like solar power to generate electricity, or wood stoves and ovens for heating and cooking purposes. However, in our increasingly tech-connected society, many homeowners are discovering there are more reasons than ever for living off the grid without sacrificing on daily comforts. Propane offers many benefits for off-grid systems; motivations that include simply being unreachable by the electric grid or the gaining of independence in terms of energy. A clean-burning fuel available in abundance, propane for living off the grid is also a cost-effective home energy solution that can help lower energy bills.

Propane is able to support fuel needs like stand-alone systems for home heating, hot water, cooking and other purposes. Like oil, propane can be stored in refillable above- or underground cylinders installed on your property, enabling you to keep an ample supply on hand at all times. Unlike oil, propane isn’t messy or dirty, and doesn’t require annual maintenance servicing. Wood stoves sound attractive but they have the potential for fire hazards, not to mention the inconvenience of chopping and storing wood.

There are additional economic ambitions for living off the grid. In some areas, electric and gas utility company interconnection fees continue to increase, while onsite power system prices are dropping. Not to mention, in some areas frequently hit by thunderstorms, hurricanes and winter weather; homeowners want to be prepared, enjoy peace of mind, and stay safe during unpredictable power grid outages.

Propane Home Heating

An extremely dependable and convenient fuel source, propane can keep your home warm and comfortable. Considered more efficient than natural gas systems, propane systems can last twice as long as electric heating systems while dispersing heat more evenly and at a fraction of the cost. Homeowners may also be able to reap additional rebate and other financial incentives when installing a propane heating system. This versatile fuel source, propane works with traditional forced air heating systems, as well as with more eco-friendly hydronic systems like baseboard and radiant floor heat radiators.

Propane Water Heaters

Propane water heaters can help minimize hot water costs. Around 30% less expensive to purchase and install than electric water heaters, propane models are also approximately 25% less expensive than oil systems. And the propane perks don’t end here! Propane water heaters also come in tankless model options that can produce up to 60% fewer carbon emissions than traditional electric systems.

Propane Appliances

Propane is capable of powering home appliance whether on- or off-grid. There are many home appliances designed for propane compatibility, even ones that operate without requiring any electricity at all. For example, a propane stove or oven used in conjunction with a battery generates the spark to ignite the burner or oven flame. Other off-grid propane appliances include refrigerators, clothes dryers, freezers, space heaters and grills.

Standby Generators & Backup Energy Systems. Propane is your reliable and loyal backup energy source. A propane-powered backup generator can save you from stressful inconvenience and monetary loss if you find yourself or your family without power. All you need to do is determine whether a portable or standby model work best for your needs. And, did you know that propane can be coupled with renewable energy systems? Solar water heating can be coupled with a propane tank or a tankless water heater or boiler for pool and spa water heating. Propane is also used in conjunction with electric power. Solar photo-voltaic systems can provide some electricity for outdoor room applications, and a propane generator can supplement when battery backup isn’t sufficient.

Stylish Outdoor Living. Living off the grid doesn’t mean forfeiting simple pleasures and ambience. The versatility and convenience of home propane are nearly limitless and don’t just pertain to the inside of your home. You can transform and enhance your outdoor space with propane too. Full and stylish outdoor kitchens, decorative flame lighting, patio heaters, fire pits and more; can all conveniently be powered by propane. Propane pool or spa heaters and patio heaters extend the fun well into the night while supporting energy efficiency, a green environment and your wallet.

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