Propane, the Fuel that Keeps Giving

December 5, 2019 –

Propane, the Fuel that Keeps Giving

This is the time of year when planning ahead is especially fruitful, when you can really save money on heating bills while staying warm and comfy. Any of your friends or neighbors who still use electric or oil to keep their homes warm will be rather cheerless with the winter cold arriving and lingering on, but not you!

Using propane to heat your home offers substantial benefits that include important considerations such as environmental, safety, reliability, convenience and versatility. Environmentally friendly, propane is a low-carbon fuel alternative that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other energy sources.

Propane heating is also versatile, safe and reliable. With propane, you need never lose heat. During storms and power outages, you can always rely on propane. With the right propane set up, you’ll still be able to operate your lighting, furnace, and appliances during power outages. No more frets about losing power again.

If you haven’t been too quick in moving your propane grill into storage yet, leave it be! Your propane grill is a fun, festive way to warm up some chestnuts this holiday season.

As for versatility, if you currently use other energy sources to operate your home’s furnace, cooking appliances, and hot water tank, consider converting to propane, your one-stop energy source for appliances. Propane not only means reducing your utility bills, but also offers an additional layer of convenience to your life, all while supporting the environment.

How about propane lighting? Yes, propane lighting has many residential uses — homes, cottages, cabins, boats, and just about any place lighting is needed or desired. Not only versatile, propane lighting is perfect for any reason, whether for decorative, emergency or everyday use. It provides a touch of flair and with many lighting options capable of producing illumination equivalent to a standard 65-watt electric bulb. Indoor propane lighting is low maintenance and easily adjustable.

Contact Paraco today! Our staff of propane professionals can help you take advantage of all the benefits available when using propane in your home! Paraco, fueling your every day.

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