Propane Outdoor Living

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Propane Outdoor Living

If you’re like us, our kitchen and backyard are the two spaces where our families like to gather. Having the versatility and convenience of home propane are nearly limitless and don’t just pertain to the inside of your home. Any of your outdoor spaces can be transformed with propane. Full, stylish outdoor kitchens, patio heaters, fire pits, flame lighting, and more can all be powered by propane to keep the fun going well into the night while supporting energy efficiency, a green environment and your wallet. Check out all the ways propane can bring the family party outside!


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Grills & BBQs  

Outdoor cooking with propane is easy, safe, and inexpensive to operate compared to charcoal grills. Consumers can choose from a variety of portable or permanent installation options.
And just like indoor gas ranges, propane grills offer instant on-off convenience, clean, even heat, and precision temperature control for a perfectly done meal — every time.
They also offer the added benefit of being 105 times more environmentally friendly than charcoal grills, according to the EPA.



Outdoor Kitchens  

Powered by your main propane supply, a full outdoor kitchen provides the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertaining experience. Outdoor kitchens are becoming a “go-to” culinary resource, and propane fuels an array of luxury outdoor appliances which are easily concealed by landscaping and support reduced emissions.




Fireplaces & Firepits 

A real flame, providing both warmth and appeal, is yours with just a flip of a switch. Simply shut it off when you’re done. No messy or smelly soot or ash to clean up!





Patio Heaters 

Portable and stationary patio heaters alike are available in many sizes and can add comfort and ambiance on even the chilliest nights. Many units are able to heat a radius of up to 20 feet and raise the outdoor temperature by as much as 30 degrees in the immediate area.





Flame Lighting 

True flame lighting is an energy efficient, low-emission alternative to electricity. Flame lighting bestows beautiful ambiance, is totally odorless, and is unaffected by power outages which provides for added security and safety.





Pool and Spa Heaters

Extend pool season all year round. Propane heaters warm your above- or in-ground pool or spa faster and more efficiently compared with electric models, heating water up to twice as fast as electricity. Propane-powered pool heaters range in size from 5,000 btu per hour for a spa or hot tub to 400,000 btu per hour or more for a large pool. BTU (or btu) which stands for “British thermal unit” is a traditional unit of heat also part of the United States customary units, and is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.



Insect Control 

Propane insect traps use heat and an attractant created by propane to lure in and kill mosquitoes and other biting bugs. These traps can provide up to one acre of coverage, operate on portable propane tanks, are odorless and silent.





Back-Up Energy Source  

Many people don’t know that propane can also be coupled with renewable energy systems. For example, solar water heating can be coupled with a propane tank or tankless water heater or boiler for pool and spa water heating. It is also used in conjunction with electric power. Solar photo-voltaic systems can provide some electricity for outdoor room applications, and a propane generator can supplement when battery backup isn’t sufficient.


As you can see, propane offers many attractive and versatile options for outdoor applications, at a fraction of the cost of other energy sources, and which can also be integrated easily into any existing propane energy system. For more about propane perks in your home, visit us at

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