Propane Lawnmowers Save the Environment — and Money

March 7, 2022 –

What if you could save money on current operation costs AND bring in new business?

That’s what switching to propane mowers can do for you.

Propane is the favorite fuel of agricultural business owners. From landscaping companies to farmers, propane is popular for a host of reasons:

Propane equipment saves you money by practically eliminating the risk of spills and wasted fuel with a secure, closed-loop fuel system. (Bonus: no more overpowering exhaust fumes.)

In fact, you can get an estimate of how much money propane could say your business with this online mower cost calculator!

Just put in your numbers and this calculator will give you a comparison of fuel consumption per hour compared to gasoline or diesel.

Compared with gas mowers, propane protects our environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions by over 15% and carbon monoxide over 40%.

Propane is a green fuel that’s been recognized by the Clean Air Act as a safer alternative fuel to other energy sources like gas and diesel.

Customers prefer propane because of the lack of exhaust fumes and its positive impact on the environment.

2 out of 3 people in the United States, or 66% of people polled, said they were at least “somewhat concerned” about climate change in a 2019 survey. That’s a 10 percentage point jump compared to 5 years earlier, and than concern has only increased.

People are aware of the concept of a “carbon footprint,” a term meaning how much of the world’s carbon emissions each individual is personally responsible for.

Even if they don’t fully understand the particulars, they know they want their carbon footprint to be as small as possible.

Advertising that your business uses low-emissions propane to fuel your mowers makes your business a more attractive offering than others that use traditional fuel with their accompanying greenhouse gases and unpleasant exhaust.

Large and small operations have had success when they convert to propane mowers, proving that it’s the right move for just about any business.

When the city of Springfield, Ohio needed to cut costs, one of the first tactics they implemented was adding propane-powered commercial mowers to slash their fuel costs.

It was such a successful program that they decided to convert almost all of their commercial mowers to propane.

Then there’s Sunrise Lawn Care, a 2-mower company from Tracy City, Tennessee. In converting to propane, they found that they could service their customers better, and the switch took only one day of downtime for conversion and training.

In their first two years of using propane, they put together enough money to buy a third mower, purely from the savings of no longer using gasoline.

Propane is truly energy for everyone, and Paraco will help you get started with it so that you can achieve your savings goals and make money at the same time for your lawn care business.

Propane can help your emergency fund get healthier and your savings account swell.

Get in touch and we’ll get you on your way.

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