Preparing Your Gas Grill and Accessories for Spring

March 14, 2023 – , ,

As spring quickly approaches, your mouth may begin to water at the idea of grilling juicy hamburgers and charred steak. Preparing your grill and accessories for barbecuing is critical to avoid potential issues as you gather your ingredients and look forward to spending time under clear skies in the backyard.

Your grill likely needs a bit of TLC after a long winter indoors, making it necessary to clean and inspect the 8 burner gas grill before you fire it up for the first time. Read on as we walk you through the steps to prep the appliance and accessories for smooth sailing with your grilling journey this season.


Perform an Inspection
A thorough inspection of your appliance is the first step to knowing whether your grill and accessories are ready for cooking hot dogs or brisket on a gas grill. Examine your grill from top to bottom to identify potential issues lurking in some of the components. There could be parts to repair, replace, or clean, especially if rust or leaks are present.


Clean the Parts
You can begin by removing any visible debris from inside the grill. Next, remove the grates and use a wire brush to thoroughly scrape any dirt or food particles – this will require a bit of elbow grease and will tone your biceps in the process (just in time for summer).

Use a damp cloth to clean and wipe down the interior and exterior. Don’t forget to clean the grease stray and burners.


Remove All Signs of Rust
You may need to soak the grates overnight in a vinegar-water mixture or baking soda if rust is present. Rub vegetable oil after cleaning and drying both sides of the grates. Avoid using vegetable sprays as they can be flammable. Consider painting your grill with rustproof metal paint if you notice any signs of rust on the exterior parts.


Check the Ignitor
Turn on the gas and ignite each burner to confirm they are working correctly. If the grill fails to operate, you can replace the battery or contact a professional to have it serviced. You can search for “gas grill repairs near me” online for help if you are not confident or qualified to complete this step yourself.

Inspect the Propane Tank
Check your propane tank to determine if it’s low or has enough to get you through the season. If the level is low, it can easily be refilled. It’s also necessary to inspect the tank for potential leaks that are present, which requires adding soap and water to the hose and connections. If you spot any bubbles that develop, it may indicate a leak is present and depending on the severity of it, it may require the attention of an expert from a company like Paraco Gas or your local fire department.

Perform a Test
After cleaning and inspecting the appliance, it’s time to test your grill. Check how well it heats, and consider grilling potato skins, artichokes, or even oysters if you’re feeling adventurous. If everything heats evenly and cooks in the expected time, you’re ready to grill.

Preparing your gas grill and outdoor accessories for spring is critical to ensure you can look forward to plenty of delicious meals, whether you’re cooking for two or a large group of people. You can finally swap out your homemade soups and winter stews for something more tasty and appetizing.

If you need a reminder on how to properly swap out your propane tank, you can watch this short video.

Happy Grilling!

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