Pools, Fire Pits, and Pizza Ovens: Reveal Time is Upon Us!

May 30, 2024 –

Weather in the Northeast during spring can give pool owners whiplash. Eighty-degree days are interspersed with nights that still drop close to freezing temperatures. So when is the best time to open a pool, dust off the firepit, or fire up outdoor cooking appliances? Experts say the time is now with more than 37% of pool owners responding that May is the ideal month to open a pool for the season.

Pre-Opening Checklist
Despite yo-yoing temperatures, May is the ideal month to target for opening a pool since the warmer ambient temperature in June encourages algae growth that can damage your liner and contaminate the water. Opening your pool in May also allows all the pollen that falls into the water to be properly filtered. Here’s an overview checklist that pool owners can use to start the process:

  • Contact your local propane provider for pre-buy or lock-in plans to ensure your pool heater is fueled and ready to go
  • Schedule your pool heater service and inspection. Paraco’s offerings for service, maintenance, and inspection can be found here
  • Remove debris from your pool cover by sweeping then using a pool cover pump to get rid of any standing water
  • Lift and fold back the cover on itself; inspect the cover for winter damage and lay flat on a smooth surface to clean and dry then store it away
  • Grab the skimmer and remove any debris floating on the water
  • Remove any additional winterizing paraphernalia
  • Reinstall ladders, boards, step rails, etc.
  • Add water to normal levels now so that you’ll only need to balance water chemistry once
  • Set up your filter and pump and run them
  • Test your water with strips or bring a sample to your local pool store for analyzing
  • Purchase required chemicals and begin water treatment
  • Vacuum away debris, algae growth, and sediment
  • Finally, shock the water and leave the filtration system on for at least 24 hours

The Reveal is Here
Now that the pool is open, make sure your outdoor area is cleaned up and get-together ready! If you’ve already received your propane delivery, then clean and test your fire pit and outdoor appliances. Looking to start summer off with a celebratory pool party? Check out our tips here for hosting.
To add even more comfort to your pool area, here’s a list of propane-powered outdoor accessories that can really enhance your space:

  • Mosquito Traps
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Smokers
  • Grills
  • Patio Heaters for Chilly Nights

Extend the Pool Season
Speaking of chilly nights, extend the pool season with propane-powered pool heaters. Everyone can enjoy consistent and comfortable water temperatures no matter the time of day. And all the hard work of opening your pool can pay off with even more time for your family in the pool, relaxing and making fun memories well into the fall.

To learn more about Paraco’s pre-buy plans, to schedule a delivery, or to get more info on how to extend your pool season, call 888-988-7613.

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