Partnering Propane with Other Energy Alternatives to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

June 13, 2024 –

Looking for actionable ways to reduce your carbon footprint? If you’re a homeowner that uses propane as your main fuel source, you may be interested to learn that propane is an excellent starting point on the path of reduced emissions. For an even bigger impact, homeowners can use propane in conjunction with other renewables like solar and geothermal to mitigate emissions.

Props to Propane
Propane burns clean, is energy efficient, and is listed as an alternative fuel per the Clean Air Act. Propane’s role in reaching net zero emissions can be viewed as a starting point for replacement of other carbon-heavy fuel sources like coal, wood, and oil and as a great partner alongside other energy alternatives for homeowners.

Propane + Solar
Solar is a popular choice for many homeowners as a renewable, low-emission energy source. But it’s not always a reliable one because of weather, tree cover, and seasonality. Homeowners can reduce ongoing energy emissions as well as enjoy a lower energy bill no matter the weather or the season by combining solar power with propane for home heating, water heating, and electricity.

Propane + Geothermal
Geothermal heating uses the ground’s heat as a source of heat for your home. Pumped from underground through a series of pipes, this style of zero emissions, low-cost heating source can sometimes fall short in colder environments or if the winter season is a particularly long one. To bridge this gap, at colder ambient temperatures, the system switches over to propane, allowing homeowners to use the most efficient source of heat.

Using a low-emissions fuel source like propane together with zero-carbon energy alternatives is a great way for homeowners to decarbonize their emissions. Contact Paraco at 800-647-4427 to learn more about propane’s role in reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

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