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Propane tanks alignment with different sizes

What’s the Best Size of Propane Tank for Your Home?

There are multiple sizes of propane tanks for homes. You can even tie two tanks…

Family of mother, father and child sitting on couch with fireplace

How To Stay Warm and Conserve Energy This Winter

Over the last couple of years, the search phrase “How to save energy at home”…

Woman happy cooking chicken on a stove

Is Propane Safe to Use Indoors and Outdoors?

Propane is a popular fuel option, but many people use it each day without really…

A fireplace is lit in a living room where a christmas tree is present.

Steps To Take if Your Propane Fireplace Won’t Light

Gas fireplaces are popular features in brand-new builds and as inserts installed in pre-existing fireplaces….

How propane space heaters and fire logs reduce your bill

How Propane Space Heaters and Fire Logs Reduce Your Bill

Life is expensive right now. Everything from Big Macs to four-wheelers has increased in price,…

How long will a 500 gallon propane tank last

How Long Will a 500-Gallon Propane Tank Last?

Let’s be honest: gas is never cheap. Even when it’s in the form of flatulence…

Paraco gas is expanding into the hvac industry

Paraco Gas is Expanding Into the HVAC Industry

Paraco Gas has been in the heating and fuel industry for decades — as our…

Propane tank recertification

Propane Cylinder Requalification Explained

We all need to check in at specific points in our lifespan to see if…

Home energy budget 1

Take Control of Your Home Energy Budget

We’re your trusted energy-efficient propane provider and want to help make your propane budget as…