Outdoor Propane Heaters Improve Your Business and Home Life

October 5, 2021 –

Over the past year and a half, outdoor heaters for restaurants have become a staple during the colder months.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn us toward outdoor dining for socialization with reduced risk, and those heaters make everyone more comfortable, pushing outdoor season into months that traditionally have us bundling up inside.

But outdoor propane heaters can be helpful to more than just restaurants looking to preserve and serve their customers through safe dining. They may be able to help your businesses and personal lives in unexpected ways.

When it comes to the foodservice industry, temporary propane heaters used for restaurants with outdoor tables and seating are an obvious solution to comfortable dining outside.

But even coffee shops, ice cream shops, candy shops, and more could see bumps in their business from using even a single propane heater outside.

When it comes to business, it’s time to think outside the box. Is there an outdoor aspect to your storefront, even something as simple as providing the convenience of tables, chairs, or benches outside?

More and more people are not only taking advantage of opportunities to see loved ones outside safely, but they’re seeking them out. Meeting at a coffee shop becomes all the more attractive to many people when they know they can grab seats outside.

And people are more likely to grab those seats for longer when they know they can be near the warmth of a propane heater. It expands the hours of the day that customers can make time to come by and stay awhile and instantly stretches the months of the year that it’s an attractive option.

And what about at home?

With holiday gatherings just around the corner, it’s natural that we’ll be inclined to gather and celebrate with the people we love. But of course, safety is a factor, and this isn’t necessarily a time we want to be packed around the table.

A viable way to let some of the party outside is by having glowing, warm propane patio heaters to make outdoor games and breaks even more cozy.

If you’re after even more “wow” factor, a propane fire pit is an excellent option for heat and ambiance! Maybe it’s time for #thanksigivngsmores to become a thing?

Not only is outdoor heat a fantastic enhancement to your personal or business life (if not a requirement, business-wise), propane itself is a great energy resource to take advantage of.

Environmentally-conscious households are utilizing propane wherever they can because it’s a certified green fuel that shrinks a home’s carbon footprint and works safely and efficiently — and because it’s so efficient, it’s less expensive than other energy options.

Plus, replenishing your stock of propane couldn’t be easier. Our tank exchange programs and refill stations offer tons of versatility and ease of use, plus independence — you have the ability to get more propane when you need it.

The chillier seasons don’t have to mean a freeze on your good times outside, at home, or in your business. to get started with propane, get in touch!

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