Nationwide Price Surge Effects Propane Cost

October 12, 2021 – ,

We’re used to seeing fluctuating prices on display at the gas station and having the expense of filling our tank vary from trip to trip.
That’s because gasoline prices change due to several factors, like demand, the cost of crude oil, and the process by which it gets to the station.

The price of propane is affected much the same way: it has much less to do with your particular propane distributor’s pricing and more with the national market.

And the market is showing that there’s a surge in propane pricing across the country that seems only to be moving upward.

Experts point at a few different explanations for the nationwide price increase on heating bills. After the pandemic-induced economic recession, businesses and homes are bouncing back and using more fuel. That increased demand leads to a fuel price increase, in part because it leads to scarcity. The less available stock of fuel sources that we have, including propane, the more expensive than stock becomes.

Rest assured, because we have 29 distribution centers with ample storage, as well as our Long Island rail terminal, Paraco has significant storage — but we are still subject to price increases.

Another factor that may result in sticker shock is that we were enjoying a particularly low-cost, inexpensive period of fuel pricing until recently. That makes the increase feel all the more pronounced.

And unfortunately, there’s nothing that heating fuel companies can do about it. We’re forced to pay more for propane, and in turn, and following how that price moves, we’re forced to charge more to customers who haven’t locked in their rates.

So what can consumers do to save money?

We recommend taking advantage of auto-delivery to keep tanks at capacity and offer peace of mind. We also offer 11-month budget plans. It’s worth keeping in mind that the more you use propane, the more you save — so converting other appliances to propane will actually help you save money all around.

Contact us for more information, and let us fuel your family moments this winter.


  1. Letticia Lorenzi on June 23, 2022 at 11:45 pm

    Want to learn more about Prebuy budget plan and 11-month budget plans.

    • Kristen Anderson on June 27, 2022 at 9:20 am

      Hi, Letticia! We forwarded your information to our team and they’ll be in touch to give you the details. Thanks for reaching out!

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