Making Sense of These Common Propane Myths

November 23, 2021 – , ,

We all want to take care of the planet, and sometimes it can drive us to extremes.

In an effort to do the right thing, we may default to operating in extremes, since they’re simple (fuel: bad! electricity: good!)

But the discussion is far more nuanced than that.

Like everything, there’s a spectrum of when it comes to all of the forms of energy and how they impact the environment, and the most realistic way for us to liver comfortably is to use them as part of a diverse plan.

Propane lives on the less impactful side of that spectrum, but sometimes, there are misconceptions about propane’s environmental impact.

Knowledge is power. So let’s bust some myths!

Myth 1: Electricity is the more environmentally-friendly choice.

Do you know where your electric power comes from and how it gets to you?

This often comes as a surprise, but in many parts of the country, electricity is still produced by coal power plants through a process that releases far more emissions than propane or natural gas.

That means that even though you’re not seeing the smoke rise when you plug in your phone to charge at night, the power to make it in those coal-fired power plants happen certainly produces it.

Does that mean electricity should be demonized? Certainly not.

But it benefits all of us to understand that no source is perfect, not even electricity.

Myth 2: Propane has a bad reputation.

A small number of homebuilders may think that they could receive pushback when suggesting propane as part of their plan, but research shows they have nothing to worry about.

Public opinion surveys show that 80% of people have a positive-to-neutral view of its environmental impact!
And that 80% has the right idea. As we know, propane is a low-emission, clean-burning fuel.

Propane isn’t a bad word: it’s the one to use when you want your building to be heated efficiently and affordably.

Myth 3: Propane can’t be mixed with renewable energy.

This brings us back full circle to the concept of diversity in energy, as well as our inclination toward extremes.

Some people may believe they have to be all in or all out. They either have solar power, for example, or they have propane.

In reality, renewable energy sources and propane can work together beautifully! There’s a lot of benefit to having solar technologies for some things, and either propane for others or available as a backup.

On overcast days, you can’t override your solar energy system when it simply hasn’t had enough sun to operate on all cylinders. But you can rely on propane to get the heating job done.

Propane and electricity play nicely together, too.

Most people would find it prohibitively expensive to make their entire property run on electricity. But by having both electric and
propane systems working together, you can have the best of both worlds.

Now isn’t the time for rigidity in our thoughts or our actions — we have to open our minds to new possibilities. They’re the best way to work with the unique issues we’re facing in our environment and our world.

Thankfully, propane’s versatility lends itself beautifully to the times we’re living in.

Want to get started with propane? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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