Looking for a Propane Provider? Here’s What Happens.

July 8, 2022 –

When looking into using propane, the first step is researching and selecting a reliable propane provider and ensuring the account is set up for delivery. At this point, the consumer will be offered two basic delivery options.

  • Customers can opt into propane Automatic Delivery (auto-delivery) if credit is approved and/or preauthorization is offered. Proper forecasting of delivery needs will be based on the type of account or recommendation by the propane company consultant.
  • Customers can choose to be on a Will-Call Plan, which means the customer is responsible for calling and scheduling a delivery within specific tank gauge parameters. Depending on account preferences and based on your account preferences, you may grant the setup of credit terms, or payment will be due at the time of delivery. Accounts that have been granted credit terms but prefer to remain on a will-call delivery basis are often seen in conjunction with customer-owned propane tanks, generators, fire logs, and pool usage.

In either of the above cases, if a new tank is being installed, the service team will let the logistics team know once the tank is set, and customer service will place a delivery ticket.

Customers just moving into a home should find out if there is a propane account transfer from the prior homeowner and decide whether or not to stay with that provider. The new homeowner will want to ensure the previous location account has been updated, reflecting them as the new owner/customer, along with the updated propane supply/service starting date.

Next, it’s time to set up an appointment for a propane system safety survey which reviews and documents the entire system, including tank sizes, line sizes, equipment/appliances, serial numbers, and model numbers of all propane appliances and tanks(s). It includes a leak check of the entire system.

At Paraco, this is scheduled by the Inside Sales team, who will complete the appropriate paperwork. Then, the Service Department will contact the customer directly to schedule the appointment. A person over 18 (preferably a homeowner) will need to be present for the service technician to enter the home and perform this critical survey. Find details on safety surveys here.

Upon completing the Propane System Safety Survey, it’s time to initiate/schedule the next propane delivery. How this is handled depends on which of the two programs the customer has chosen:

For Automatic Delivery customers

  • Prior credit approval and/or preauthorization is required; the account is set up with delivery forecasting based on the type of account and recommendations by the Sales department.
  • Deliveries will be automatically made, and the customer can elect to have a delivery ticket (invoice) left in a conspicuous location on site. If specifically requested, we can electronically send the invoice to an email address on file with Paraco’s E-Billing setup.
  • Our customer service can generate an invoice for credit-approved customers with terms, and payment can be remitted to Paraco. Suppose the customer is set up on an auto-payment schedule. In that case, Paraco will charge the customer’s designated credit/debit card or EFT checking account on file for the amount due once the delivery has been made.

For Will-Call customers

  • The customer is responsible for calling when their propane tank gauge reads 35%. This percentage is significant! At this point, if a customer doesn’t call in to request a delivery, they may run out of fuel, resulting in disruption of service and likely incur additional fees.
  • Typically, a provider can deliver to a will-call customer within a few business days. However, especially in cold months when suppliers are busiest; or during severe weather events when downed lines and trees challenge suppliers, they might not be able to deliver before a customer runs out.

Once settled in, if the customer hasn’t already done so, it’s time to research all the great, versatile appliances that also run on propane:

  • Propane can enhance backyard entertaining with decorative outdoor lighting, outdoor hearths, fire pits, and grilling.
  • Consider replacing it with a propane hearth for homes with a wood-burning fireplace. Clean and convenient, it lights with the simple press of a button. Many can be set to maintain a specific temperature. And, of course, there’s no more wood chopping, wood storage, wood-sparking fire hazards, or messy and smelly clean-ups.
  • Older and electric water heaters are costly. Upgrading to a propane-powered water heater can lower your home’s overall cost of hot water.

We assist consumers daily in understanding propane accounts, use, and choices, and we’d be happy to assist you in navigating decision points.


  1. rachel frampton on January 23, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    I just recently moved into my new home, and I’m in need of gas, which I forgot to take care of because I was too busy with the other preparations for moving. Therefore, I’m currently looking for a gasoline delivery service. Surprisingly, we can only opt into Automatic delivery if credit approved and pre-authorization is offered.

  2. Levi Armstrong on March 15, 2021 at 11:58 am

    I find it helpful to know that a homeowner that uses a will-call delivery option for propane should contact the delivery service once their propane tank gauge reads 35%. My mom is looking for a propane delivery service in town for our furnace. I’ll share this advice of yours with her and make her you the article herself. Thanks for this.

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