It’s National Grilling Month!

July 8, 2018 – ,

It’s National Grilling Month!

A staple of any summer afternoon, grilling is a given. Yet people often fire things up without thinking twice about dangers of gas grills. Simple steps can keep your grilling fun AND safe: Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction; position your grill in a safe location; check for leaks; follow proper lighting and relighting procedures; and never leave your grill unattended until after shutdown. Check out some great grilling safety tips at Cape Cod

Want some tips to make your grilling experience even better? If you don’t already own a Smart Propane Tank Gauge, consider one. They take the guess work out of knowing when your propane tank needs to be filled.  Download an app and you can check your propane level any time the tank is within range of a WiFi network, even if you’re miles away! Explore your options at Postscapes

Speaking of tank filling – refill instead of exchanging. Save money, learn the facts!

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