I Love My Job Because

March 13, 2021 –

Our employees love the company culture, professional growth, and professional development that Paraco offers. But they love more than that, so we asked some of our awesome employees to tell us why they love their job. Check out what they shared with us about why they love being part of the Paraco family.

  • Art R – “I’m the VP Supply Chain for Paraco. While Paraco has grown exponentially in my 31 years, we have maintained the feel and culture of a smaller, nimble organization.
    Employees tend to stay longer because Paraco has created an environment based on producing solid results without the constant micro-managing or internal competition that goes on in some organizations.
    This culture has fostered a strong streak of loyalty which cuts in both directions. When completing a task, an assignment or just following through on a promise, you do it as much to support your fellow employee as you do to meet company or personal goals.”
  • Ben M – “I’m the Inside Sales Manager at Paraco. The best part of my job is my awesome team who also happen to think I’m funny!”
  • Bill P – “I’m an Area Manager at Paraco. Unlike any other position I’ve held in my transportation career, this is the first job that allows me to run my department as if this company belonged to me.”
  • Christopher N – “I have been with Paraco for almost 7 years. I love working for this company because of the respect I receive from management in everything I do in working for the customers. I appreciate the support I get every day while doing my job to the best of my abilities.”
  • Elisabeth A – “I work in the Safety Department and have been with Paraco for almost 8 years. I love my job because I find the work exciting, meaningful and challenging.
    Paraco has offered me career growth, learning and development. I have a good boss and get to work with great people. I feel recognized, valued and respected, and think Paraco provides good benefits and fair pay. Paraco has a great work environment and culture so I take pride in the organization.”
  • Eva L – “I’ve been fortunate to have been employed by Paraco for 15 years now! I truly value working for a family-owned company that is invested in its employees and continuously makes an effort to improve for their customers. I also appreciate being part of a team that has a shared vision, respects and encourages one another.
    The entire Customer Experience team, we all just work really well together which helps us in training, implementation and overall getting the job done to take care of the customer.”
  • Kelly S – “I’m the NE Service Office Manager, and my favorite thing about my job are the people that I work with.”
  • Laura S – “I have been with Paraco Gas for 10 years and am a Customer Experience Trainer. I have stayed with Paraco because there has been plenty of opportunity for me to grow as an employee and as a person. Paraco truly treats you like family!”
  • Stephen S – “I’m an Inside Sales Rep, and my favorite thing about my job is helping people set up their new homes with propane.”
  • Will F- “I’ve been with Paraco for 8 years and am the Director of Production and Northeast Service. I love my job because Paraco is a company that provides opportunity for those that want to continue to progress their career.
    Paraco always looks to promote from within and is willing to invest time and energy into cultivating its employees’ skill sets.”

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