How to Read a Propane Tank Gauge

October 1, 2020 –


Reading your propane gauge is simple and ensures you always have enough fuel. It’s essential to check it regularly, especially if you’re a Will Call customer.

Your propane tank has a domed lid that protects several components like the gauge, shut-off valve, fill valve, safety relief valve and regulator. The gauge itself reads the percentage of fuel available. You should contact us immediately if your tank gauge reads 30% or less to schedule a delivery. This short video explains how to read your propane tank’s fuel gauge.

Customers who are frequently on-the-go or otherwise unable to regularly check their tank’s gauge should consider enrolling in Paraco’s Automatic Delivery program. For added peace of mind, you may be interested in our Automatic Tank Level Monitoring System which lets us wirelessly track your fuel level to deliver your propane when you need it most.

“Cheat Sheet” for Reading Your Propane Tank’s Gauge:

  1. Open the lid of your tank to reveal the gauge.
  2. Remember: The tank will never be filled more than to around 80% of capacity to allow for expansion within the tank as outside temps rise and fall.
  3. The numbers on the gauge express the propane level in terms of percentage of fuel left in the tank.
  4. Call us immediately to schedule a delivery if your gauge reads 30 or less.
  5. Close the lid when you’re done.

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