How a Propane Generator Can Save You Money

July 13, 2021 – ,

When you lose power, you’re not just losing electricity. There are unexpected costs that come along with a blackout, beyond the loss of convenience.

And propane generators, while an investment up-front, can save you big money – and headaches – in the long run.

Standby generators work by kicking in automatically to provide power to your home automatically when the electricity goes out, providing you an uninterrupted home life even if there’s a storm raging outside.

Think of a time that you were stuck without power, even for a bit. Didn’t your mind race to what’s in the refrigerator and freezer? If it was a long blackout, did you have to throw away some of your food?

By using a propane generator during a storm, your mind doesn’t even have to drift to what’s in the fridge! (Unless it’s sending up a silent “Thank you” to the Past You for making it so you don’t have to worry about it.)

You can go about your business, eating the meals you planned on without having your schedule disrupted by cleaning out the fridge. You’re also saving yourself from the smell of spoiled food, not insignificant emotional savings.

You’re also helping save the planet. Food waste is as bad for the planet as it is for your wallet, with uneaten food taking up a ton of space in landfills. a propane-powered generator helps keep it in your refrigerator.

Another money-sucker that can sneak up on you as the result of a power outage is the appliance damage from a power surge.

A power surge is a sudden jump in current that fries electronics, sometimes breaking them, adding insult to injury. Power surges tend to precede power outages, but they can even happen when power is restored.

Either way, they can spell big trouble for your appliances. Not only did you lose power, but now you need a new laptop? UGH. Reddit is filled with posts from people looking for advice on what to do about their broken electronics.

Standby generators powered by propane fuel automatically kick on, and completely avoid the problem – and save the money that you would have to spend to replace crucial items like your laptop.

Another consideration is that people who have to deal with prolonged blackouts sometimes jump ship and head to a hotel to ride out the outage – most people can only survive by candlelight for so long.

A hotel stay is often preferable to having to suffer the inconveniences of a home without power, which includes not being able to flush the toilet if you have an electric pump.

Those hotel fees can really add up, from the base fee of a night’s stay to the temptation of room service. Contrast that with staying in the comfort of home with your own food, your own bed, your own conveniences? Much less expensive and much more comfortable.

This obviously takes into account the monetary considerations, but think of the emotional savings, as well. Not having to worry about frying inside without an air conditioner on a hot day! Being able to make it to that important Zoom call! That all has value.

If a standby generator isn’t in your budget, a portable generator may be a better option for you — and can provide many of the same benefits.

The biggest factor in a portable generator’s favor is that the cost is much lower, but they will need to be manually attached, turned on, and protected from the elements in the event of a storm. For some people, that’s a worthwhile tradeoff, and the peace of mind from that kind of home protection speaks for itself.

So consider doing a favor to Future You by getting a powerful generator. Current You will have a lot more peace of mind knowing that power outages are a thing of the past.


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    Very interesting stuff to read.

  2. Mia Evans on May 12, 2022 at 1:21 am

    I like that you talked about using a standby generator to use when you have a power outage in your area. I should invest in one since there have been instances of outages in our area last year. It would also be best to find a propane gas delivery service when we own one to ensure that it has enough power source when incidents happen.

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