How a Propane Generator Can Prepare You for Outages

February 28, 2023 – ,

No one likes being without power and sitting in the dark. The good news is that technological advancements and improvements to the utility infrastructure have made outages less common, right? Unfortunately not.

In 2020, the United States experienced 1.33 billion outage hours, a 73% increase from the previous year. In 2021, the numbers improved slightly but were still much higher than in 2019.

While there are many things you can do to prepare for an outage, one of the best tips involves investing in a propane quiet generator. Even government resources like suggest using a generator if you can do so, which can allow you to use your indoor lights and avoid relying on candles, which can quickly begin to feel like you’re having a seance.

Let’s take a closer look at how a propane generator can help you prepare for your next outage.


Propane vs. Gas Generators
Before we get into outage prep, it’s important to compare propane vs. gas generators. Both are solid options for powering your home during an outage, but propane is the better choice overall.

You probably noticed that we referred to propane-powered generators as “propane quiet generators” in the previous section. That’s because propane generators are much quieter than gas or diesel options. The best propane generators even edge out gas variants in terms of noiselessness.

Propane generators have a slightly higher initial investment cost, but you’ll experience some long-term benefits because propane burns cleaner and about half as fast as natural gas. As such, you’ll be creating less pollution and consuming fuel at a slower rate. That’s a big win for propane.


Sizing Propane Tanks for Generators
When exploring propane generators for your home, it’s important to choose the right generator size and propane tank combination. Too small and you won’t be able to power your home for very long; too big and you’ll incur some significant unnecessary costs.

The easiest solution is to consult with a propane services provider like Paraco Gas, that’s also knowledgeable about whole-home generators.

One of these professionals will help you find the right-sized tank for your home and outline your power generation needs. They can also help you keep your costs in check by discussing your leasing and purchasing options.


Avoiding Outages with a Propane Generator
Propane generators help you prepare for outages by keeping the electricity flowing, even when your whole neighborhood has gone dark.

You might not realize just how harmful prolonged outages can be. After one day, they’ll feel less like a fun camping trip and more like a nightmare. Keeping your power on during an outage isn’t just convenient. It can also help you and your loved ones stay safe.

Young children, seniors, and those with underlying health conditions shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures. With a propane generator, you can keep your home comfortable while waiting on the utility company to restore power.

Moreover, prolonged outages can cost you thousands of dollars. Some of the costs you could incur include replacing spoiled food and fixing pipes that froze and burst due to the lack of heat.

Extended outages can also lead to other forms of property damage, lost productivity, and missed time at work.

To prevent these costly disruptions, consider investing in a whole-home propane generator. Doing so will help you stay safe and protect your home from undue damage to ensure it remains your home sweet home.


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    This was a very informative post about how propane generators can help prepare your home for power outages. I appreciated the comparisons between propane and gas generators, as well as the tips on sizing tanks appropriately. Having reliable backup power sounds invaluable for safety and preventing costly disruptions.

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