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From heartbreak to hope theresas breast cancer journey

From Heartbreak to Hope: Theresa’s Breast Cancer Journey Fueled by Early Detection

In 2002, Theresa’s life took an unexpected turn when her sister received a breast cancer…

A man with a protective mask welds materials in a shop.

What Is Chemtane? Everything You Need to Know

You have probably heard of most of the “-ane” gasses, such as propane and methane….

Paraco gas is expanding into the hvac industry

Paraco Gas is Expanding Into the HVAC Industry

Paraco Gas has been in the heating and fuel industry for decades — as our…


In the New Infrastructure Bill, Propane Plays a Big Part

The way we move through America is getting a makeover in 2022 — and propane…

Propane preparedness

Propane Preparedness: How Paraco is Responding to COVID-19

Even almost 2 years into the pandemic, there is still a lot of information about…

Price surge propane

Nationwide Price Surge Effects Propane Cost

We’re used to seeing fluctuating prices on display at the gas station and having the…

Doxo warning

Spot and Stop Payment Scams –

Doxo Warning! Third-party payment companies like want you to think they are partners assisting…

Why work in the propane industry

Why Work in the Propane Industry?

When people hear the word “propane” they often think of grilling, heat, “gas” or simply,…

Why work with us paraco careers

Why Work with Us? Paraco Careers

A career in propane is one to be proud of. Propane is an important part…