A Proposed Carbon Tax Could Cost Your Family $21,000

November 3, 2021 – ,

Reducing carbon emissions is an important goal and one we take seriously as an energy company.

But we’re concerned about how questionable steps NY State is considering would impact our customers. A new proposed carbon tax is on the line that could cost a typical homeowner $21,000 over 10 years!

In 2019, Albany passed the Climate Leadership and Protection Act, which requires radical reductions in carbon emissions.

What wasn’t addressed was how this would happen.

We believe the path to realistic carbon reduction must include smarter use and improvements of existing fuels and infrastructure. Unfortunately, the state is narrowly focusing on “electrifying everything.”

This proposed action could dramatically raise all energy prices, add taxes and equipment surcharges, force people to abandon the heating systems they like, disregard climate improvements that could be made without “electrifying everything,” and overload an already-fragile electric grid.

One of the actions proposed this past legislative session is a new carbon tax, which could cost the average homeowner nearly $21,000! And it’s certain to be brought up again when the legislature resumes.

Unless you learn more and make your voice heard, things could spin out of control quickly.

Go to stopnycarbontax.com to find out more and take action.

We, and others in the liquid fuels industry, continue to offer solutions that immediately reduce every customer’s carbon footprint without doing anything as potentially costly, inequitable, and insufficient as that which is coming out of Albany. We feel theirs is a short-sighted, though well-intentioned, plan.

We support sensible climate improvement. But we don’t support sweeping generalizations.


  1. Michael Yacenda on February 3, 2022 at 2:24 pm

    We need energy to live. The purpose of a carbon tax is to make things more expense so we use less .. i.e. live less. Moving from gas to electricity does not accomplish anything unless the electricity is from nuclear sources. (solar and wind power doesn’t work in the north east.) In short, a carbon tax is stupid.

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