A Day In The Life Of A Propane Delivery Driver

March 2, 2020 – ,

A Day In The Life Of A Propane Delivery Driver

With over 50 years of delivering to customers, Paraco Gas, and it’s propane delivery drivers have always focused on making sure that our customers receive the best service possible, and with a smile. In this video, we focus on one of our Upstate New York drivers, Matt, and follow him from the start of his day to traveling along to service our residential and commercial customers and their propane tanks. With safety in mind, our class B CDL HazMat endorsed drivers provide comfort to those that need LP Gas (Liquified Petroleum Gas or Propane) for their heating, hot water, pool heat, cooking, and even off-grid fuel like those required for emergency backup fuel for a generator.

Matt’s begins his job, even before the sun greets the day, like so many of our other bulk propane, BBQ, Motor Fuel, and Forklift Cylinder, focused on making sure his vehicle and equipment are ready to bring you the product that fuels your everyday. As part of the same supply chain, our transport drivers, those that carry the LPG or Propane to our facilities in tractor-trailers, work around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure a constant flow of supply never falters. As an industry leader in safety, before we visit our customers, our drivers follow a pre-trip inspection process making sure that all of our equipment safe, compliant, and worry-free.

Once we arrive at a location, Matt secures the vehicle to prepare to deliver and ensures that the customer’s delivery location and the tank is ready for us. Whether we are delivering bulk propane to a small residential container for cooking and drying, a larger propane installation with an underground tank, perhaps used for whole-house heat or a backup generator, or even massive commercial facilities with multiple tanks, our driving professionals are trained and ready to make sure your concerns aren’t your fuel. Following our safety training and checklists on proper filling of tanks, Matt and our team are prepared to work in a variety of elements, and keep their focus on a job done well. This is also true for the thousands of cylinder delivery customers who have BBQ, Motor Fuel, or Forklift tanks delivered on a regular schedule. Our drivers take your personal and business needs to heart.

Throughout the day, we refuel our trucks, and we do so at many strategically placed supply points throughout our service area. As Matt refills his vehicle without having to go back to his original depot, he ends up saving time and becomes more efficient, allowing us to service more customers per route. Taking only a short time to reload, he is back out on the road again and continues his dispatch center planned route. Our dispatch team works alongside our field drivers, communicating continuously, and making sure that our drivers get their customers taken care of.

As the day progresses, our driver Matt interacts with our customers, in their homes, and at their business locations. Service with a smile, alongside a caring customer service attitude, are crucial to Paraco’s success. Your individual needs, whether getting access to a location, tank safety concerns, and even general knowledge about propane uses are something our drivers are trained on before going on the road. Our professional drivers know that you depend on us for many reasons, from a warm fireplace or a steamy shower to a restaurant full of hungry diners, and they don’t take your business for granted.

As a career, our propane delivery drivers have an opportunity to advance, and Matt is just one example of someone who began with us as a dock and yard staff member, and today is one of our senior drivers, helping to train and guide others. Family owned and operated since it’s inception in 1968 by its founder Pat Armentano, Paraco Gas has continuously been recognized as an industry leader, being one of the largest national propane providers, delivering over 62 million gallons a year to over 120,000 customers. With a family-focused culture, Paraco Gas continues with the generations, as Pat’s son Joseph Armentano is the CEO, and his granddaughter Christina is the Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. As a company built on service to our customers, delivering our fuel is not just a job; it’s a mission. Paraco Gas drivers are part of the family, and the best in the industry.

Our drivers, like Matt, are always moving on to finish their deliveries and keep the propane flowing, and we at Paraco want to make sure we thank Matt, and our other drivers, for being some of our most valuable assets. Without the hard work and efforts of our drivers, alongside our technical service and office staff, we wouldn’t be able to ensure that you, our customers are satisfied and that your propane is delivered without a worry.

Our team is always looking to add in more key career-minded individuals, like Matt that want to join a leader offering competitive salaries and exceptional benefits, like medical, dental, a 401K with company match, paid time off and holidays, and even tuition reimbursement and propane discounts.If Matt’s day like the one we checked out in the video sounds like the place you would like to be, or you would like to learn more, visit our position openings at: Paraco Careers



  1. Franklin White on June 11, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    I’m glad to see that propane delivery drivers strive to do a good job. I would hate to run out of propane to only find out that my driver is late because they were being lazy. If I ever need propane delivered, I’ll set it up with a company that is willing to go above and beyond to bring me my gas.

  2. Kristofer Van Wagner on August 12, 2020 at 2:06 pm

    I do believe that hiring the right deliveryman is important in ensuring a safe gas delivery. The other day my mother mentioned she needs propane gas to be delivered. I will remind her of the importance of hiring the right delivery service.

  3. Rachel Frampton on August 21, 2020 at 1:09 am

    My dad would like to run a propane delivery business someday because he heard that there’s a high demand for this type of service. Thank you for this, just in case he’ll push through with his plan, we’ll make sure to run the business for 24 hours, so the gas supply will not falter. Anyways, it would also be a great idea to start looking for propane delivery trailers that he may use someday.

  4. Chris Pederson on January 19, 2021 at 8:03 pm

    I would only buy propane from a company that realizes they couldn’t ensure me anything without their drivers. Delivery is convenient but not if the person bringing it to you isn’t taken care of. I need propane but I also need for the service to work hard and get it to me on time.

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