5 Tips To Get More Use Out Propane Gas Cooking

March 28, 2023 – ,

Propane is known as one of the cleanest burning fuels in existence. That is why it has long been used for a wide range of heating and cooking applications, such as powering portable grills or fueling the heating element on water heaters.

Propane is also a popular fuel source for household ranges. Of course, this should come as no surprise, as it can generate heat quickly, burns cleaner than natural gas, and Propane ranges have even become quite affordable.

However, getting the most out of your propane stove will require a little trial and error. This is because there are few differences between propane vs. gas ranges. Fortunately, you can speed up the learning process by using these five tips:

  1. Use the Right Cookware
    If you want to do your best impression of the culinary masters, you will need the right cookware first. Glass or ceramic cookware is generally best for your propane-powered oven. These materials conduct heat well, meaning you can use less gas and cook your meals more efficiently.
  2. Keep the Flame Low
    According to some experts, cooking with propane uses about 35 gallons annually. Of course, this varies from household to household, depending on how much or how little you cook. The minimal gallon usage translates into a small operating cost expense.
    However, if you want to maximize your savings and minimize your fuel consumption, make sure to keep your flame as low as necessary. While it might be exciting to ramp up your flame to a high setting and feel like you’re a chef at Benihana, keeping it low is more economical.
    Additionally, cooking over moderate heat will keep you from overcooking your meals while you get used to your new appliance.
  3. Monitor the Flame Color
    Ideally, your propane range should produce a blue flame, which signifies that it’s burning at a proper temperature.
    If the flame is yellow, the range is wasting propane and not functioning properly. Anytime you see a yellow flame, discontinue use and contact a licensed maintenance provider. You should also follow other home safety best practices, including shutting off the fuel or potentially evacuating your home if you suspect a fuel leak. An expert from a reputable company like Paraco Gas can provide you with additional tips.
  4. Don’t Open the Oven Door
    Your brand-new propane range has a pane of glass in the door for a reason. So next time you need to check on a dish, do a little window-shopping instead of popping that door open. Keeping the door shut during the cooking cycle will ensure that the oven maintains a steady temperature. This will reduce fuel consumption and produce a better quality meal, proving you have what it takes to work at a Michelin star restaurant.
  5. Routinely Inspect the Oven Door Seal
    Propane is well-known as a clean-burning fuel source. It still requires periodically examining your seal to ensure that it does not have any tears or gashes. While your seal should function well for years, it can become damaged during routine use. If you notice wear and tear, schedule repairs promptly to keep your oven working efficiently.

Getting the most out of your propane cooking range only requires a bit of maintenance and know-how. By following these tips for propane gas cooking, you can put your range to use with confidence and fully enjoy prepping your favorite dish with clean-burning propane.


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