5 Propane Fees Explained to You

March 2, 2021 –

Here we answer our 5 most commonly received questions about propane fees.

  • What is an ECC fee and why am I being charged for it?
    Insurance and regulatory compliance greatly affect the propane industry. A few of the many compliance expenses include insurance, Hazmat registration, HUT (Highway Use Tax) permits, Auto Fuel Carrier permits, local licenses and more. Some companies build the cost of compliance into their propane price. For invoicing clarity, we prefer to bill it separately and in the form of a Safety and Maintenance/ECC charge.
  • What is a propane tank lease fee?
    Companies charge this fee to offset the high cost of purchasing, maintaining and replacing the equipment installed at your home or business. Propane containers may need to be recertified or replaced after their original test date expires. If the propane container is in good condition, we can sometimes recertify them on location, but in many cases, they are rusted or in poor condition and need to be changed.
  • Why am I being charged a restocking fee?
    A restocking fee is a service charge that covers the cost of the technician coming to your home and safely disconnecting the equipment. The fee also covers the cost of transferring out the gas and restocking both the propane and the propane container itself.
  • If I increase my usage will the lease fee be waived?
    By adding uses such as heating or hot water, you can eliminate lease fees and decrease your price of propane. People often get the most out of propane pricing by bundling their services and appliances. Changing your old oil system or electric heat to propane can not only save you money, but it can help the environment and reduce our country’s demand on foreign oil.
  • I found a company that said it doesn’t charge a lease fee – why shouldn’t I change companies?
    Our priority is serving you quickly, safely, and properly. Some companies might not charge a lease fee because they don’t carry as much insurance as we do. They also may not replace as many propane containers a year due to maintenance matters. In addition, their technicians and drivers may not be properly trained or qualified to handle emergency situations.


  1. Jerry F South on January 21, 2024 at 11:38 am

    why am I being charged a HHC fee of $7.00 each time I fill my propane tank at home

    • Ines on January 24, 2024 at 8:33 am

      Hi Jerry! At Paraco, we do not charge an HCC fee. Fees can vary based on tank ownership and the type of contract. As detailed in our blog post, we invoice an Environmental Compliance Charge (ECC) separately for transparency. While some propane suppliers incorporate this fee into their propane price, we prefer to bill it separately.

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