4 Maintenance Tips for Your Propane Clothes Dryer

April 14, 2022 –

If you have a propane-powered clothes dryer as one of your laundry machines, you already know that it works faster, costs less to operate, and produces less static cling than an electric dryer–which means your clothes will look better for longer (if you don’t have a propane clothes dryer, what are you waiting for?).

But like any machine, a propane gas dryer needs proper care to perform at its best. Here are four propane clothes dryer maintenance tips to help your machine last longer and perform better:

Clean the lint screen regularly

Even a little bit of extra lint means that your dryer is going to need to work harder during its dry cycle to get your clothes dry. Over time, that overwork will start to impede the overall function and efficiency of your dryer, leading to longer cycle times — so keep the lint trap clear.

Avoid putting soiled clothes in the dryer

Try to keep the interior of the dryer as clean as possible by only drying clothes that have gone through the washing machine. If you want to dry clothes that are wet for some other reason – after a day at the beach, for example – put them through the washing machine first to avoid getting corrosive dirt and other damaging materials inside the dryer.

Also, be mindful of bulky items. Don’t overload the dryer with large loads and too many heavy pieces of clothing.

Clean the outside of the dryer, too

Soap residue from just-washed clothes can corrode your dryer’s finish. Try to give your dryer a thorough wipe-down at least once a month.

Clean the exhaust vents

Clean your dryer’s exhaust vent at least twice a year using a brush made specifically for this purpose (you can get them at your hardware store). Vent blockage can significantly reduce the flow of air to the dryer, leading to an increase in drying times and higher bills. Eventually, poorly maintained vents can become a fire hazard in your laundry room.

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  1. Christine Tinajero on April 10, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    If I connect my dryer to propane do I have to close the propane tank after I’m done drying. Is it safe and not going to waste propane?

    • Isousa on April 15, 2020 at 7:39 am

      Hi Christine! You never have to turn off the propane container, except for an emergency. The appliance controls the gas usage into the dryer, the owner doesn’t need to do anything except using the dryer controls. Remember, turning off a container constitutes an “interruption of service” which in turn triggers the need for a leak check. As such, customers have no need to turn off containers for normal operations.

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