10 Cold Weather Propane Safety Tips

March 12, 2018 –

10 Cold Weather Propane Safety Tips

It’s always a good time to talk about cold weather propane safety.

Here are 10 propane safety tips for the wintry weather ahead:

  1. Know how and where to shut off the outdoor propane supply and indoor propane appliances. If you’re not sure, contact us.
  2. Make sure your family knows the rotten egg smell of a propane leak–and what to do if they smell one.
  3. NEVER store or place a propane cylinder indoors or in an enclosed area such as a basement, garage, shed, or tent.
  4. Install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home, following the manufacturer’s instructions about location and maintenance. Consider installing propane gas detectors to provide even more peace of mind.
  5. Teach your family how to turn off electricity, propane, and water in your house, and create an emergency preparedness plan that everyone can follow.
  6. During a storm, listen to your local authorities for instructions on the appropriate course of action to take.
  7. After a storm, clear snow and ice away from all outdoor vents, chimneys, and flues to reduce carbon monoxide poisoning risks. Use a broom rather than a shovel to avoid damaging fragile system components. Also, clear snow and ice from your tank and pipes.
  8. Install a flag, pole, or stake near your tank that’s high enough to be seen above the height of a worst-case snowstorm in your area.
  9. If a storm is predicted, make sure you have enough propane to last for at least a week after the storm ends, in case there are road blockages or closures.
  10. If you suspect any of your propane appliances, equipment, or vehicles have been damaged, contact us immediately to perform a complete inspection of your propane system. If you have turned off your gas supply, you must contact us to resume service!


  1. Alice Carroll on February 28, 2022 at 6:46 pm

    Thanks for the reminder that having an emergency plan will also ensure that a home’s propane system would be dealt with accordingly. I’d like to look for propane services soon because I’m interested in having a more sustainable form of heating in my home. Affordability is high up in my priority so propane would be a great choice.

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