Agricultural and Industrial

Propane Power for
Agriculture and Farmers

Propane cuts energy costs, increases efficiency, and meets your carbon emission goals by switching from diesel fuel and gasoline to propane.

Nearly 830,000 farms in the U.S. use propane, and agricultural experts rely on it. Better than electric, diesel, and natural gas on emissions, propane works just well watering crops, essential to farmers who need to sustain and grow their business. Farmers using propane irrigation engines report savings of up to 50% compared to diesel engines doing the same job.

Propane the Future of Agriculture

Lower Costs

Propane equipment is built for efficiency, lowering your fuel costs for nearly every application, from irrigation to building heat; and delivers consistent heat for healthier plants and animals.

Fewer Emissions

Propane can help you meet the strictest emissions goals: it's proven to produce fewer emissions compared with diesel or gasoline models.

Made in the US

Propane is made in America, with over 95% of the US propane supply produced domestically. This clean, reliable and efficient fuel is good for your operation and the country alike.