Propane Air Conditioners Are a Money-Saver

August 10, 2021 ____ Appliances, Home Owners

When you think of propane, heating is most people’s first association. Propane air conditioning? Not as well known.

But they’re an option, and they have some very appealing advantages over other types of air conditioning systems, like electric. We think of it as a heating source but really, propane is an all-around energy source, capable of powering just about anything, including cooling systems. (There are many refrigerators and freezers that even run on propane.)

First of all, propane, in general, has clear advantages over other energy sources. With its low emissions and low carbon footprint, propane has been considered a green energy source since the 1990s. Using this clean energy for your home lessens your personal impact on the environment and even reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 43%.

Plus it’s reliable — over 12 million homes use propane for their heating and cooling, and the numbers are on the rise. (A whopping 47 million use propane for grilling!)

Its high efficiency means you need less to do more, so you save money every year. When given the choice between propane and another energy source, many times propane will give you the advantages that will be best for the planet, your peace of mind, and your wallet.

Looking a little more specifically at air conditioning units, even though the source may be slightly different than many people are used to, the delivery method is just the same. You can get propane window units or have propane central air systems, and they do exactly what electric models do — draw in warm air, cool it, and let cool air flow back out, making your living space just the right temperature for you.

If you’re already using propane as an energy source for other appliances in your house, getting propane to become your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system/AC source is nice and easy. You can go through the same company you’re currently using and have more of your things on the same energy bill, simplifying your life.

If you’re not currently using propane HVAC for your home’s temperature control, you might think, “Why would I change?” But if you’re looking to stretch your dollars, this is actually an excellent move.

Propane is highly efficient, meaning it doesn’t take much of it to do any given task, so you won’t have to get refills very often. This can drive your energy costs way down. Compared to electricity, propane is 30% more efficient — which means you could save 30% on your air conditioning costs if you make your HVAC system run on propane. In the summer when you’re running the air more often, that adds up to quite a chunk of change.

And if you spend some time living on the road? Running an RV air conditioner or camper air conditioner on propane is the preferred way to cool your home vehicle. Most RV refrigerators run on propane, so using it as the source for your air conditioning makes sense. If you’re already trying to simplify your life, simplifying your bills with propane can really support your lifestyle.

We’re not full of hot air: propane is one of the best energy choices you can make to cool your living space, at home or off-the-grid.

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