Oil-to-Propane Furnace Conversion – 5 Big Reasons to Switch

August 25, 2020 ____ Appliances, Home Owners

Most northeast homeowners depend on propane or oil furnaces/boilers for home heating.  Either one is a much better alternative to electricity. But if your current oil heat system is ready to expire, you’re unhappy with your current heating system, or if you are looking into the many benefits of appliance upgrades, consider the advantages of propane as your fuel source and how your appliances can be paired.

Cost Savings.  Older oil furnaces have a typical efficiency rating of about 60 which means only 60 cents of each dollar you spend goes to producing heat for your home.  Compare that with a typical propane furnace which operates at 90 percent efficiency or higher. This means you’ll save at least 30 cents for every dollar spent on propane heat, and that’s before you calculate the lower per-gallon cost of propane.  Moreover, those monster oil furnaces (which might leak) take up an enormous amount of your precious real estate.  And remember, oil furnaces require annual maintenance and inspection.

Insurance & Liability.  Many home insurance policies have strict coverage rules on how oil tanks should be placed, operated, and maintained.  Depending on the fine print of your policy, that could mean having to replace an oil furnace before the equipment even wears out!  Oil leaks are also difficult and expensive to clean up – just one gallon of oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of drinking water, not to mention a smelly mess on your grounds. Cleanup of an oil spill can involve everything from replacing the tank and supply lines and removing contaminated soil to replacing your home’s foundation.

Versatility.  Propane not only heats homes – it runs ovens and ranges, clothes dryers, water heaters and more. It can even provide reliable back-up power during severe weather, lengthy power outages and extend your swimming season.  Your heating oil won’t do all that!

Convenience.  Propane is convenient to use and store.  Not only are propane tanks environmentally friendly, but they require little maintenance and can last up to 40 years. This highly efficient fuel can be conveniently to you; available to anyone and anywhere. And its portability makes it a convenient fuel for grilling, camping, and many other uses. Even better, most customers are able to get automatic propane refills, ensuring they never run out!

Environmental Impact.  A clean burning fuel, propane produces far fewer emissions than oil. The burning of heating oil produces carbon, a greenhouse gas, just as do burning coal, wood, gasoline and natural gas. Propane’s low-carbon footprint plays a major role in combatting climate change. And as an abundant “bridge fuel”, propane serves as an alternative to diesel and gasoline, helping to address energy challenges while renewable technologies are developed.

Propane provides a safe, versatile, reliable, and affordable alternative to heating oil. Contact one of our Professional Energy Consultants for a free, on-site consultation and to learn how affordable making the switch can be!

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  1. My residence is in Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County.
    Is an oil to propane conversion legal/ available/practical for my house?

    1. Yes, it is possible to convert from oil to propane in Oyster Bay, Nassau County, NY, and it’s certainly a smart, clean-burning alternative to oil. When choosing the company you wish to partner with, be sure they are licensed to perform the work.

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