Employee Spotlight – January 2020

January 23, 2020

Our Northeast Service & Logistics Departments – The Lifeline to our Operation

Our Logistics and Service teams work tirelessly behind the scenes managing the flow of propane all the way to its delivery to our most important place – yours! The intricate and fluxing nature of these teams’ network involves components like materials handling, production, inventory, transportation, warehousing, the supply chain, security and safety.

This January, we spotlight two critical members of our team, Kelly and Lisa, who keep all things service, dispatching, and our operation in general, working smoothly and efficiently. They possess detailed organization skills and a perceptive understanding of what it takes to implement this complex operation while always keeping our customers’ and drivers’ needs at the forefront.


Kelly, our Northeast Service Manager, supports the Northeast Service Department encompassing both our legacy NE and NW service areas. Wearing several hats throughout her demanding day, Kelly oversees all aspects of the scheduling, dispatching, and billing of the service work performed for these service areas. No newcomer to propane, Kelly has been in the industry since 2000, and remains an instrumental piece in the operation of our business.

When asked what one of her biggest challenges in this role is, Kelly said, “It is managing the high demand for our services. We need to prioritize the customers’ needs based on the nature of their needs and the availability of our schedule. It is hard to balance sometimes. My team is great at trying to make every effort to satisfy the customers as quickly as possible.” Kelly’s favorite part in this role is “the people on my team and the high-paced environment we work in. We are always working and trying to come up with new and better ideas on how to improve in our efforts to make the department more effective.”


Lisa, our NE Logistics Coordinator works out of our Waterbury, CT center facilitating a comprehensive flow of order, ticket generation and propane deliveries by effectively coordinating delivery and resumption from service interruptions while preventing duplicate stop and future double dispatches. These responsibilities include ensuring “live” same-day dispatch processing, communicating wireless route updates with drivers to optimize daily deliveries; contacting customers when drivers experience an inaccessible delivery; and the daily review of driver paperwork for customer account changes/directions. Importantly, she responds to regional delivery and driver phone queues and is a proud contributor to Paraco’s Wellness and Social Committees.

What does Lisa love most about her job? “Getting to interact with so many people on a daily basis in all different departments at Paraco. From the drivers, service department, retention, credit, customer service teams, etc. I feel privileged to work with such knowledgeable people who take pride in their work and are so willing to assist others.”

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