Smart Pay

Your Monthly Propane Budget Plan


Save 25 - Auto Pay

We know more now than ever, that having safe and reliable propane service is just as important as having a predictable monthly energy bill each month. That is why Paraco customers enjoy the flexibility of choosing the best payment option that fits their budget and lifestyle.

Smart Pay


Take control of your energy bills. Don’t let unpredictable weather or changing energy markets leave you guessing what your monthly propane bill will be. Your payments will be reviewed, and if necessary adjusted based on your consumption and other factors. Smart Pay gives you peace of mind.
Spread the cost of your annual propane usage over 11 months
Predictable monthly payments
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Paraco Works with You

Our convenient account benefits allow you to be in charge.

Automatic Payment

You can choose if you prefer your account balance to be automatically deducted from your checking account or added to your credit card.

Online Payments

Want to pay online? The easiest way to pay your bill online is to login to the MyAccount portal. Sign in and make a payment right there.

Mail in Payments

Like to pay your bill the good old fashioned way? Mail your payment to our secure lock box:
Paraco Gas Corporation
P.O. Box, MA 02241-2227


Worry-Free Delivery

Sign up for our Automatic Delivery program. We’ll manage your propane supply so you don’t have to, estimate when you’ll need a propane refill based on your propane history usage, and get the job done. No more appointment scheduling, no service charges, or

Real-Time Tank Monitoring

This wireless, 24/7 monitoring service lets us track your fuel level so we can deliver to propane to you when you need it, reducing the number of deliveries and emergency delivery charges.
Easily installed on your propane tank, this convenient, peace-of-mind system is virtually maintenance-free.

Propane Service Contracts

Paraco has qualified employees to service all your propane needs and offers convenient service package to fit your needs.